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The primary material for the sixteenth show by the Dogma 19 Artists is leaves.

The exhibition opened online on 18 January 2023.

Gail Theis

Gail Theis 'Autumn Ghosts' 2023 1500 x 1127 JPEG.jpg

Gail Theis ‘Autumn Ghosts’ 2023 49.2cm x 37cm. Multi image colour photograph.

‘Autumn Ghosts’

Day by day on my walks during Autumn, the ghosts of the dying summer leaves start to appear.  The leaves fall and stick to the paving slabs; when it rains, the tannin in them sinks into the porous concrete and, like a spectral shroud, their final image is preserved, as if by magic.

Hamish Pringle

Hamish Pringle 'Autumnal' 12 13.12.22 1500 X 1500.jpg

Hamish Pringle ‘Autumnal’ 2023 Scan of dried leaf collaged with digital photos by Vivienne and Hamish Pringle. 19cm x 19cm.


The timely fall to earth.

 A soft bed to lie upon,

Peacefully at rest.

To dream eternally?

Or awake renewed?

Nicola Siebert Patel

Nicola Siebert Patel 'Gold Leaf' 2023 1127 x 1500 JPEG.jpg

Nicola Siebert Patel ‘Gold Leaf’ 2023. Leaf, imitation gold leaf.

‘Gold Leaf’

Monstera deliciosa (Swiss Cheese Plant) covered in imitation gold leaf. 

Kate Rossini

Kate Rossini ‘Shed Skin’ 2022 1500 x 885 JPEG.jpg

Kate Rossini ‘Shed Skin’ 2022. Leaves, acrylic paint and PVA. 70cm x 40cm.

'Shed Skin'

My work recently has been about how strong emotions – such as grief impact the body not only emotionally but physically – at a cellular or synaptic level – as the body seeks to come to terms with those feelings and become part of an altered identity as a result


Leaves are akin to an ‘organ’ for trees – their role to manufacture food - and are shed by deciduous trees as form of self- protection as the tree prepares for winter dormancy – almost like shedding a skin – the identity of the tree changes.  Thinking or this change I was drawn to the metamorphosis of insects and butterflies that use leaves to help camouflage them and keep them safe as they pupate. So leaves become a skin – like human skin: made of cells.


Taking this further so that leaves become the material I aimed to make a ‘leaf’ (sheet) of paper made of leaves – what emerged was a “skin” of leaves – with leaves themselves being the individual cells.   – imperfect where it ripped in the making -almost like a mosaic – but with an irregular pattern (cells are not uniform) but still maintaining a natural rhythm – and using colours that mean something to my own identity (1980’s).

Claire Michel

Claire Michel 'Antidote' still 1 from video Jan 2023.jpg
Claire Michel 'Antidote' still 3 from video Jan 2023.jpg

Claire Michel ‘Antidote’ 2023. Video 2minutes 17 seconds.



In an old ochre factory that burnt down in 2013, nature has taken over, with ferns, moss and other plants growing in the remains of the factory.

In this specific room, called the ‘ochre room’, one can see colourful pigments, some natural ochre, and some chemically-transformed that survived the fire.


A girl wearing a painter’s overalls decides to pick some ferns and uses them as paintbrushes to paint her suit with the pigments.


Here, the body navigates in perfect harmony with the colourful environment and nature overtaking the abandoned building.

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