The primary material for the thirteenth show by the Dogma 19 Artists is till receipts.

The exhibition opened online on 15 June 2022.

Claire Michel

Claire Michel 'Drowning in Debt' edit 1500 x 1093 12.06.22.jpg

Claire Michel ‘Drowning in Debt’. Black & white digital photograph. A3.

'Drowning in Debt'


Are we born in debt? From a Guardian article, it seems that the rapidly rising Government deficit means every baby born in Britain starts life owing £17,000.

Nicola Siebert Patel

Nicola Siebert Patel 'ASDA own brand 2022' 1500 x 1145 edit 27.05.22.jpg

Nicola Siebert Patel ‘ASDA Own Brand 2022’.  Till receipts, Styrofoam board, pins.  49cm x 39cm.

'ASDA Own Brand 2022'

A play on Andy Warhol's 'Campbells Soup Cans, 1962', this work is a reflection of where we find ourselves in the UK, 2022.  The Government has advised the public to deal with soaring food prices and the cost of living crisis by choosing value brands in the supermarket. 

Hamish Pringle

Hamish Pringle  'Retail Therapy' edit 3019 x 2500 2022.jpg

Hamish Pringle ‘Retail Therapy’. Black & white digital print of photo-collage. 19cm x 19cm.

'Retail Therapy'

In 1796 Franz Joseph Gall invented ‘phrenology’.  He proposed that the conformation of the human skull is indicative of mental faculties and character traits.  While his hypothesis was disproved, we now know that the brain is compartmentalised into specific areas relating to particular functions.

Gail Theis

Gail Theis 'Shrink' 1420 x 1000 12.06.22.jpg

Gail Theis ‘Shrink’. Miniature shopping trolley with purchases. Black and white digital print 14cm x 10cm.



For this l'addition the sum of a basket of goods + inflation = less.  Plus allusions to: the shrinking pound, the psychiatrist who helps with our consequent mental angst, and to the movie ‘Honey I Shrunk The Kids’ which summons up some light relief.