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For want of a better title, I'm calling this section 'Arclets'.  This contains explorations which aren't directly in the line of the main narrative traced in 'The Arc'.  While they may be merely side-bars they provide useful contributions.  Indeed, if my main direction ends in a cul-de-sac, one of these 'Arclets' may provide the way out.

'FAKE NEWS' entry for Royal Academy Summ

I saw an Open Call from a charity called Passion4Freedom which champions freedom of speech by artists: https://www.passionforfreedom.artInspired by their mission I created this collage from newsprint.  The 'now you see it, now you don't' image is a metaphor for the problem we're facing with State-sponsored disinformation.  My work was accepted and included in the exhibition at the La Galleria Pall Mall & The Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, London 1-13th October 2018.

While this was conceived as a one-off, the reaction from those who saw the original was favourable.  Accordingly I've continued to work on it.  I've used PhotoShop to enhance slightly the contrast between the letters and the background and increase legibility without ruining the discovery of 'Fake News'.  I have entered it for The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2019 and if by any chance successful I will print the edition at Wimbledon.

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