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If you wish to respond to our current open call, please complete the form below to apply.  The deadline for this initial response is xxth month 2021.

'Sacked' is the curatorial theme for our next online show and your work must use hessian as the primary material.  A maximum of 19 artists can take part - the 5 members plus up to 14 guests.

There is no charge for submitting either your expression of interest or exhibiting your work if it's selected.  There are no money prizes - we hope that taking part will be inspiring and rewarding.

We will reply by e-mail with full details of our selection process,.  Meanwhile  see the FAQs below.

Sending the form will also add you to our database so you'll receive our occasional newsletter.  For more frequent updates, please follow us on Instagram:

Apply for open call information

Thanks for applying


We don’t wish to burden you with legalese and terms and conditions in what we hope will be an enjoyable and inspirational participation with us.  However, in the spirit of openness we’ve put together this list of FAQs which we hope will manage your expectations.


Q: How many artists will be selected via your open call?

A: Up to 14 guest artists only.  Plus the 5 members to make a total of 19.  This relates to the year of our foundation and is a manageable number of people to work with.


Q: Who will select the guest artists?

A: The five members by consensus.


Q: What are your criteria?

A: A friendly and efficient manner which augurs well for the relationship.  Expressions of interest which indicate like-mindedness.  An Instagram we’d like to follow.  A website we’d like to visit.  A proposal for work which looks as if it will make the most of our chosen primary material.  High quality work which we’re proud of having inspired. 


Q: Will you give feedback on unsuccessful applications?

A:  No.  For administrative and personal reasons, we will not be providing any critiques.  We know from our own experience that this can be frustrating, but we simply don’t have the resources to engage in what can become a drawn-out exchange of opinions. 

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Q: Can artists from outside the UK apply?

A: Yes, we welcome the world!  However, our website language is English, and we require a good standard of written text to accompany the work in the show and on social media.


Q: Could an artist duo or collective be selected?

A: Yes, but only one piece of work would be shown.


Q: How much does it cost to take part in a Dogma 19 Artists online show?

A: For our guest artists, nothing but their time and materials.


Q: Are there any monetary prizes?

A: No.  We hope participation is rewarding enough.


Q: Where will the work be exhibited?

A: Our exhibition will be online-only at and


Q: How will people find the exhibition?

A: We, and our guest artists, will promote it on social media and via e-mail to our contacts.


Q: Will it be a selling exhibition?

A: No, and price information will be not included.  However potential buyers could contact you via your website.


Q: If I sell work which is in the show do Dogma 19 Artist take commission?

A: No.

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Q: Does Dogma 19 Artists acquire any rights in the guest artist’s work exhibited?

A: None except the artist’s permission to keep images of their work on and its social media for public viewing and promotion.


Q: Can I withdraw my work once it’s been exhibited?

A:  In principle, no.  Dogma 19 Artists will have made an investment in securing and presenting the guest artist’s work and thus reserves the right to continue to show or archive images of it in perpetuity, free of charge.  However, if there’s a genuine reason for the guest artist wishing to withdraw their work, we won’t stand in their way.


Q: What type of work can I submit?

A: Preferably 2D and 3D given the constraints of our website and the need to accommodate up to 19 artists’ works.  Video may be possible by special arrangement as long as the primary material is front and centre.


Q: How many pieces of work may I show?

A: One.  We wish to give each artist comparable exposure.


Q: How many images of it are allowed?

A: One main image to showcase and up to five detailed shots for the carousel running alongside.  See our website for the style of presentation.


Q: What if it’s one of a series?

A: You could post the other works on your own website and indicate there’s a series in your accompanying text.


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Q: Do you intend to hold live shows in the future?

A: Never say never, but given the costs of venue hire, the logistics, and the expense of travel and accommodation we intend to stick to online shows for the time being.  If we did hold a live show, we would only do so on a shared cost basis with all the artists participating.


Q: Can I become a member of Dogma 19 Artists?

A: Not unless a vacancy should occur, in which case we would seek a replacement to bring the number back up to five.


Q: Why only five members?

A: Because there were five founders and a small group makes for easier decision-making and management.  An odd number would mean a vote is always conclusive (though we haven’t needed to test it yet!).

Q: Does it cost money to be a member?

A: Yes.  The five members share any agreed costs equally between them.


Q: If Dogma 19 Artists were ever to earn revenue from its website, would guest artists get a share?

A: No.  In the (unlikely) event an income stream developed, revenues would be shared equally between the five members.


Q: What does success look like?

A: A show of work which surprises and delights with its use of a material new to us and our guest artists: proof that “creativity comes of constraint”. 

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